Lighting and lighting systems


In premises of schools, universities or other training facilities the lighting for classrooms, corridors, locker rooms, administration, laboratories and other special classes requires not only high quality of lighting, but also effective usage. The emphasis is also on operational costs reduction.


Industrial lighting is very specific. Light fixtures tend to be mounted high up. Therefore, performance of lights must be greater than those in ordinary mounting heights. Lights in sports or industrial halls have to perform in harsh environments demanding high durability. Moreover, long-term high performance is a requirement.


Matching the office space and furniture with customer requirements is a usual demand in this case. Moreover, users have their demands for lighting up their work space. Office space lighting is designed with all these requirements and demands in mind. Ceiling lighting for work space, offices, meeting rooms and technical facilities are designed with regard to all relevant safety and health standards and users’ requirements.


Light switches in intelligent houses are connected to a central system with preconfigured scenario for switching on & off lights. Switches can be wireless and can be installed on glass and mirror. A flexible range of solutions to match customers’ demands. adding supplementary lights or reconfiguring lighting scenario can easily be done. lighting scenarios can be configured for various modes such as (watching TV, reading, dining, guest visit, cleaning) for controlling and dimming. System provides real-time information on lit and unlit areas and each light can be switched on and off from anywhere in the house. For the interior of the house the design of the product is a priority. Thanks to cooperation with many suppliers we can help you choose unique and interesting design for interior light fixtures, with quality finish, but also with lighting performance appropriate for the space in question.

Product design is often the most important item in the interiors of our company and with its partners to help you select not only unique and interesting design, interior lighting, high quality manufacturing process, but to focus also on the efficiency of light according to the area.


Lighting of streets, roads and other public spaces.


LED lights are undergoing dynamic development. Despite higher initial cost, they offer greater lifespan and durability to frequent on-off switching. Another big advantage is greater efficiency during temperature fluctuations and in humid environment.