Vantage is the most luxurious home automation system on the market offering exclusive features and uncountable versatilities. 

Vantage is the top performing system in home automation and building automation.

The company was founded in theUnited Statesover 20 years ago. It now operates worldwide. Thanks to continuous growth it is fast becoming the world leader in the field.

Its specialization and many years of experience assure customers of their choice of a reliable system.

Vantage is the only manufacturing that offers 5 years warranty on all hardware and manufacturing works. This high-tech system relies on a team of experienced engineers and IT experts to maintain its lead position among the best of the industry. Software and upgrades are free. As a matter of policy Vantage works exclusively with trained dealers to assure quality and professional implementation.

Vantage is the synonym of perfection. Not surprisingly, the world’s most beautiful private residences and luxury hotels are equipped with Vantage systems.

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