We offer a range of products by renowned manufacturers along with our experience in design, implementation and commissioning of these systems.


This Swedish company is one of the largest light manufacturers worldwide and is mainly famous for its green approach to product design and light technology development.

Fagerhult is freely translated as “a nice place in the forest”, which truly describes company’s location. 



BTicino, a division of Legrand Group, is a leading worldwide manufacturer of low voltage electrical equipment for living and work environments and production facilities.



The top performing system in home automation and building automation. The company was founded in theUnited Statesover 20 years ago. It now operates worldwide and belongs to the Legrand Group.

It is an industry leader in the luxury automation, lighting control, and home entertainment fields.
Vantage is the most luxurious home automation system on the market offering exclusive features and uncountable versatilities. 


Schneider Electric

It is a world expert in the control of electrical energy. System solution along with the KNX standard will not only ensure comfortable use, safe and practical solution, but particularly savings and achieving control everywhere. Building management is the future and more and more in need of a modernized period. High-quality components guarantee you savings, performance and reliability.



This Swedish-Swiss manufacturer of intelligent building management systems based on the KNX standard guarantees high performance and reliability.