Design & Documentation

Lighting design of building in accordance with its designation and operation

The initial lighting concept is the basis for any lighting system and still it is not always given sufficient attention.
There are normative requirements (see below), but also the requirements of users and operators of buildings from office, mall and hotel to residential and school to industrial and logistics as well as outdoor spaces.

Our main competitive advantage is our experience and knowledge in this area. Bearing in mind that design is important for modern buildings our design proposal aims to meet the requirements of architectural design. In other words, we are members of building architect’s team.

Our advantage is the philosophy of our work: we do not give in to the economic pressures of the market and intend to design a lighting system that meets the users’ requirements while being cost-effective for investors and operators. Our design also addresses the impact of the system and its operation on the environment. With this philosophy we go against the trend of minimizing initial investment costs at the expense of operating costs and operating life of the system. Our goal is long-term customer satisfaction with the lighting and achieving return on their investment in high quality lighting system. That is why we propose lighting control with DALI system that is compatible with intelligent building management systems or home automation systems for smaller installations. Ours is a complex approach, which demands thorough consideration given to all these issues already in the initial design phase. You may read more about control systems below. Also, if you want to learn more or consult your specific project requirements do not hesitate to contact us. Consultations and brainstorming are complementary!

Our design package includes light intensity calculation and simulation of lighting scenarios. The final project documentation of lighting system is created after customer’s approval, which includes the energy budget of the proposed lighting system as well as solutions for emergency lighting system and outdoor lighting.

We also offer you our experience in measuring and evaluating existing lighting systems in terms of lighting energy consumption as well as auditing the existing lighting to propose lighting system renovation options.

  • Preparing lighting solutions for customer’s designated space.
  • Presenting simulation scenarios based on calculation of light intensity and establishing advantages of our solution compared to conventional solutions.
  • Designing solutions based on KNX standard for intelligent building management.
  • Designing control of lighting and emergency lighting with DALI standard.